Managing a marathon race so you don't hit a wall

Everyone who runs a marathon has that stress of not finishing the course. Don't worry, all new marathoners have been there, and certainly, mastering a race is no small feat. Here are some tips or aids that may be helpful.

We take the marathon wall

All marathoners have also gone through the cliché of hitting the wall, and certainly it's both disappointing and can give us a hangover. It is important to understand that a marathon course is set up for a good cause, as most organizers are looking for funds for a charitable project. We are therefore proud to compete for this cause and to have our pictures published on the website or social networks of the association. We don't participate in a marathon because we know how to run after the dog during its walk. We do it because we have been well trained and because we feel ready. Behind us, we also have sponsors who help us and support us. Know that you are never ready to run the 42km of the marathon, but there are many people who manage to do it with the will and a good preparation of the body. There are some pitfalls to avoid though.

Mastering the marathon start

When we start the marathon, we have the shouts of our supporters, the comments on the microphone and then the pace of the people running with us give us the courage to do the race and finish it. And we already give everything from the beginning. Know that the body needs energy to finish the marathon, and get into a rhythm. Know that the 30km of the marathon feels like a walk. And you know that marathoners who are professionals and regulars will enjoy swallowing the 30km. Those who make it to the end of the 30km know that this is where the real work begins, and the weak ones will leave the race. When you are on the road, you may be alone with the sponsor's car following you. For the 12km, you don't need to refuel anymore, you do it before the 30km.

Of course, one should know and test the marathon course before the D-day and not be a stranger to the landscape., : de toutes récentes sorties.